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T3CON07: Slides of 5.0-related talks online

After the TYPO3 Conference 2007 in Karlsruhe the slides of all talks related to TYPO3 5.0 are available for download.Robert Lemke and Daniel Hinderink outline benefits of the new architecture for... [mehr]

Impression of T3CON07

Last week the third International TYPO3 Conference was held at Karlsruhe. Maybe for the last time at this location. There's some pro's and con's for Karlsruhe so it's being thinked over. The weather... [mehr]

TYPO3 Security Bulletin 20070919-1: Multiple vulnerabilities in extension mm_forum

It has been discovered that the extension mm_forum is vulnerable to multiple SQL Injection attacks and multiple XSS flaws alongside other vulnerabilities. [mehr]

Typo3 Umzugsservice

Typo3 Webhosting

Ab sofort bietet Moll-NewMedia Ihnen einen kostenlosen Umzug ihrer Typo3 Webpräsenz an.[mehr]

TYPO3 Security Bulletin TYPO3-20070612-1: SQL injection in w4x_backup

It has been discovered that the extension w4x_backup has several security related issues, which may disclosure confidential information. [mehr]

TYPO3 Security Bulletin TYPO3-20070608-1: SQL injection in macina_banners / ric_rotation

It has been discovered that the extensions macina_banners and its descendant ric_rotation are exposed to an SQL injection issue because they fail to properly sanitize user-supplied input. [mehr]

Installer 2.0 survey

The Installer 2.0 project has now reached a point where we wan't to get the final input from the community before we start the implementation. [mehr]